Tru Slow Cookers

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  • Tru Dual Crock Buffet Slow Cooker

    The dual crock buffet server is the perfect guest at any party. Offer a wide variety of appetizers, dips and more in a single appliance using the two separate 1 1/4 quart crocks. With its independent heat controls, removable stoneware inserts, glass lids and stainless steel housing, this slow cooker is versatile and convenient.

    Now: $29.99

  • TRU Tru Stainless Steel Mini Crock .65-qt.

    Slo .65QT (20 OZ) SloW Cooker.

    Now: $10.96

  • TRU 6-1/2-Quart Oval Cast Aluminum Slow Cooker

    Cast aluminum cookware is the perfect companion to slow cooking due to its ideal heat distribution, a light weight that makes it easy to transport cooked foods to the dinner table and superior, shatter-free durability.

    Now: $63.99 Save: 28%

  • TRU Party Pot 1.5-qt. Slowcooker

    This Tru black and stainless steel finished slowcooker is just the perfect size for your next office get-together or informal gathering with friends. Product Features: Three settings let you select the temperature. Removable stoneware crock makes cleanup a snap. What's Included Toothpick holder Spoon Lid rest Trivet Product Details: 1.

    Now: $26.29 Save: 70%

  • TRU Crock Buffet Slow Cooker

    This Tru buffet slowcooker is a must-have for entertaining. With three separate, removable vessels, you can serve up a variety of appetizers, side dishes and more. For family dinners, birthday parties and every occasion in between, this Tru buffet slowcooker is sure to be a hit.

    Now: $26.49 Save: 64%

  • Tru / Select Brands BS-75SK Slo 3 2.5qt Crock Buffet Slow Cooker Three Crock Pot Buffet

    Slo 3 2.5qt crock buffet slow cooker three crock pot buffet.


  • TRU Crock Round Buffet Slow Cooker

    Get ready to serve your next dish with the Tru Crock Round Buffet Slow Cooker. The Tru Crock Round Buffet Slow Cooker has three 1.5Qt removable Stoneware inserts.

    Now: $45.00

  • 3-Crock ROUND Buffet Slow Cooker

    Black and stainless steel buffet slow cooker is ideal for sharing three different delicious delicacies with friends and family.

    Now: $65.00